Glass Drums

Picture of Glass Drums

Have you ever seen a set of glass drums?


I use to play drums back in the '70s and I'm pretty sure glass drums didn't exist back then.


The picture above was sent to me by my brother (also an ex drummer) and I thought they looked pretty cool. Although I do think as with most things, there is a downside. 


I wouldn't want to have to clean them. Think about it. I'd need to always have a bottle of Windex handy. lol


And what if I played in a Rock band and someone threw a rock on stage.   🙂


See what I mean?


I decided to publish this in the "Inspirational" category which I feel is most appropriate. If you've ever been a musician or even if you've just always wanted to play a musical instrument, then you already know it's impossible to walk through a Music store and not feel inspired!



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