How To Make Money Blogging (Part 1)

Making Money Online – How To Make Money Blogging (Part 1)

By Gen Guillory

Every Internet Business needs an audience and blogging is no different. There is an entire army of blogs on the net these days but the bulk of them are not successful. Starting up a blog is fairly easy,, blogging and what seems like a million more. Plenty of opportunities to get started with little funds or free. Most bloggers miss the most critical step and that's the name, domain and or main keyword phrase that gives the best opportunity for an income.

Of course you want to pick a subject that you are passionate and already have knowledge about. You also need research to find the best keyword phrase that's being searched online. Over time you will find that research and testing are huge requirements for any online endeavor.

Research For A Niche:

  1. If your subject if for example "Hinterland Hunting Hounds", you would use Google keyword planner to research the number of monthly searches. Now you want to look for a related phrase that has 2,000 to 5,000 average monthly searches in the U.S. These numbers are considering this is your first site or blog and should contain enough buying traffic. Avoid Global searches for now.
  2. If your search results return with lower than the desired average monthly searches continue with other related words. For instance you find that "Hunting Dog Training" has the desired numbers and your orignal keyword is part of the same subject. So now you've found your niche! Wait though you're not done with your research yet!
  3. Now that you have your primary keyword phrase, the keyword planner will also show you related keywords. You will use these for your secondary keywords also utilizing the ones with good search volume numbers. Additionally with your search with the planner you can also compare the ad suggested bid. You can use this later on as you advance but for now that the average monthly search volume is right around 1,600. That is a low volume but the suggeted bid price however is 1.56! That tells you that even though the search volume is not great this is a great buying audience and competition.
  4. Last you are going to take your phrase and write as many different combinations of the same that you can come up with. Such as going from Hunting Dog Training to training dogs to hunt, dogs hunting training and so on. Get many as possible because the actual people searching this subject will use on of these phrases and using these will help to funnel most of them to you. Then your research will be to search these all of these keyword phrases on the search engines (Google is the most important). This will be the start of your very own Cola vs Cola war so to speak (not really but sounds more exciting).

Checking Out The Competition:

  1. Before you start building your blog, wouldn't it make sense to see what the competition is doing? Of course, what better head start could you ask for! If you don't have a S.E.O. tool in your tool bar you need to get started with first downloading Firefox (all this is free). Search for and get their free tool and they will also give you a free S.E.O. guide. The free version will do everything you need (you don't need the trail or paid version yet).
  2. Using a S.E.O. analysis tool that gives you page authority and link metrics, research the top ranked sites for your keywords. Look at their sites for how many articles, structure, offers, ads and also read their about/bio page. Search the site owner also to see where else they have a footprint on the Internet. That's your secret sauce because not only will this give you an idea of what's working. You also can gauge where you can improve upon what they offer to the audience!
  3. Now that you have some great ideas it's time to start building your site/blog with great content and value for the audience. If at all possible you need to have your site/blog name include your keyword phrase. Example: Best "", or good "",this will help your ability to rank with the search engines. It will be more difficult for you to get great ranking for your site if you use your brand name or company name that doesn't sound directly related to your subject/niche.

In part 2, I will list the different money aspects of blogging to make money online. Expand your footprint with your blog or site, keep delivering great value to your audience.

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