ORGANIC VIRGIN Argan Oil by LT Organics

LT Organic's Virgin Argan Oil

Want to support your body's natural ability to restore your radiantly youthful glow, baby soft suppleness and sheen to your itchy skin, lackluster hair, and brittle nails?

• ETHICS: We understand the link between additives, preservatives, artificial dyes and our children's health! So we donate 5% of your purchase to End Childhood Cancer, because beauty shouldn't have to hurt…
• PURITY: Unlike most Argan Oils which lose their beauty restoring impact because of poor storage and transportation practices, LT Organics 100% Natural Argan Oil is AIR-SHIPPED directly from Morocco to our climate controlled warehouse, (so it maintains full potency), meticulously inspected under USDA and Eco-Cert organic standards in the USA, before 4 oz is delicately decanted into our heat and light resistant amber bottle. Plus it's hyper-concentrated so a tiny drop goes a long way.
• GUARANTEES: Because we believe in our products and want to allow you more than adequate time to try them, you have a full 120 days to see your restorative results!
• HEALTH: Like the Amazon title says, it has everything you want, and nothing you don't! So it naturally replenishes anti-aging nutrients deep beneath your skin, while providing relief from problems like Ezcema, Psoriasis, Acne, Stretch Marks and More!

When you're ready to look in the mirror and see your naturally radiant glow begin to reemerge simply click the Check it out button.

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